Thursday, June 3, 2010


Today my post is about ppl and the things we are experiencing right now in this world that bother me. For starters my car got broken into this morning, the window was smashed and the GPS was stolen. My car by the way has two childseats in it. One infant seat. Why on earth would someone break into a car that has childseats in it and shatter glass everywhere. Some ppl obviously have no morals and no values. They must be very sad.

Also everyday the news is full of information on this oil spill. The whole situation makes me want to scream and cry. What we have done to mother earth is horrible and we deserve to be punished. We are killing her creatures. There are pictures of dead ocean critters covered in tar and oil. It is so horrible. Nothing bothers me more than when we violate our planet in these ways. I go out of my way to recycle, turn off my lights when I am not using that room. I have looked into ways for us to help with this oil spill, but we can not clean up if we are not down there. The only other way is to give them money, which is something I do not have. I feel helpless. My apartment complex does not even have recycle bins. If it were up to them you would just throw away all your reusable material. What the hell is wrong with people? Don't they understand that this is the ONLY planet we have to live on? We are filling it with garbage and toxic chemicals. I have replaced EVERY cleaning material in my house with non toxic all natural cleaners. I buy it in bulk so the waste is minimal. Why doesn't everbody do this? It is cheaper through the company I go through. The problem is that barely anyone even considers the earth anymore it is all about instant gratification and convenience. Puke!

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  1. I hear you! And I agree. One day you need to demonstrate these cleaners to me. I think I might be interested in purchasing them. Sorry about your break-in. If there is anything I can do, let me know.